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HBE Capital is a quantitative firm that specializes in quantitative, rule-based, systematic trading. Founded by Hitesh Eidnani, alumnus of BITS Pilani (engineering) with an MBA from IIM Calcutta. Hitesh has worked with global banks and investment firms like Citigroup, HSBC (London), ICICI Securities and Aditya Birla Capital. Headed a team managing a prop book of more than $100mn. He has experience of over 16 years in systematic trading across asset classes

The firm runs systematic strategies for Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and ultra High net-worth individuals globally.

Why HBE Capital?

Achieve superior risk-adjusted returns with lower drawdowns by just spending 8 minutes over the weekend.

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Stick with top momentum names in Bull Markets

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Move to cash in Bear Markets


100% Systematic and Rule-Based


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Honest and long-term approach

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Risk Management

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