Nilesh Banerjee
Nilesh BanerjeePortfolio Manager, Singapore
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Apart from studying together at IIM Calcutta, we did our summer internship together at ICICI Securities, joined Citigroup together after IIM Calcutta and have been in touch throughout. Hitesh is a great finance professional and has tremendous read on the markets. His systematic approach to investing is truly inspiring. He is a name to watch out for in the field of quantitative investing!
Bajrang Banthia
Bajrang BanthiaDirector, Ashika Commodities and Derivatives Pvt Ltd
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I met Hitesh at a chance encounter in 2009 and was greatly impressed by his clarity on the way he understands and trades markets. His trend following skills are great help to anybody who want to profit from market in a statistical way. Being a trend following trader myself, it was a great pleasure to meet him and share the strategies. I have observed his momentum strategy and seen that it sticks with outperforming names in bull markets and moves to cash in bear markets. The strategy is highly recommended and the investor should stick to it with discipline.
Karan Bansal
Karan BansalEx-colleague at HSBC Investment Bank, London
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It was a pleasure to work with Hitesh in the Leveraged Finance team at HSBC London. In my regular interaction with Hitesh, I found him to be very fundamental-driven and thorough, with the ability to focus on the key drivers for his analysis. He has a knack of keeping tab on both global and local macro trends. Hitesh is calm and easy to work with, which helps him analyse complex issues without losing focus. I have known him for over 25 years and he is very passionate about the markets. His quantitative approach in analysing trends is something very innovative and I am sure HBE Capital will figure among the fastest growing quant firms!
Shrikant Bandaru
Shrikant BandaruEx-Fund Manager and Private Investor
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I have known Hitesh for over 2 decades now, and we share common interests in investing/trading in financial markets. He is a very smart and ambitious professional who is quite entrepreneurial and analytical by nature. He has rich experience in varied areas of finance and is a quick and enthusiastic learner. His approach to momentum investing is very unique and I am sure he will succeed in out-performing the Index.

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