Frequently Asked Questions

The strategy outperforms the broader markets in bull run, will have lesser drawdowns than the benchmarks in bear markets and will whipsaw in range bound markets.

HBE Momentum 20 is market cap and sector agnostic, however our liquidity filters save us from investing in illiquid names.
HBE All Season has approximately 65% in Equity with the Universe same as HBE Momentum 20 and approximately 35% is in Goldbees.

Most of our trades last from few weeks to few months so would be subject to STCG (Short Term Capital Gains).

Nobody can predict the market. At best, we can have a strategy which says if the market rise we will do this, and if it falls we will do that. As long as we commit to a process, we do not have to be worried about when to enter the market. The process will take care of that for us. If the market goes up, we will be invested in outperforming stocks. If it starts falling, we will move to cash.

Refer to the answer above. Both will work well. SIPs are mentally more comforting and a great way to build a huge corpus. However, lumpsums are equally great and can ensure we reide the next bull phase with full capacity.

There are 2 alternatives:

  1. You can subscribe via the website . You will get an email every weekend with action to be taken and can then execute it in a broker of your choice.

  2. You can subscribe via Smallcase for ease of execution. Smallcase is a fintech platform which allows you to implement the ideas in your own broker account with the click of a button.

We have tie up with technology platforms like smallcase who integrate execution in their services.

This is dependent on your risk appetite. If you are absolutely new and want to test waters, start small with say 40k-100K. As you get comfortable with the strategy you can scale up. You can even SIP or add lumpsums when you get a bonus or some cashflow.

We rebalance weekly. Our backtests have shown that weekly rebalance is the sweet spot. Monthly reduces churn but the wait in a falling steep bear market might be too long for monthly. Weekly gets us out fast and also we get to reenter fast.

Full Name, Phone Number, Email ID, PAN Card Number, Location, GST

Go to our smallcase page Click on the subscribe now button next to chosen smallcase, enter your general details, KYC details. risk profile and finally make the payment relating to the subscription.

HBE Momentum is 100% Equity. HBE All Season is 65% equity and 35% Goldbees. HBE Momentum will have a higher CAGR but higher drawdown compared to HBE All Season. If you want a smoother equity curve with high CAGRs then go for HBE All Season. If you want super high CAGRs and are fine with higher drawdowns go for HBE Momentum 20.

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